Concept School Newsletter

January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

Dear TCS Community,

The New Year is off to a great start here at TCS.  We continue to look for new ways to improve the experience we provide our students.  One way we are doing that is by offering new electives for the second semester that begin Wednesday, February 1.  Students will be given schedules that include new classes for 7th and 8th periods on the morning of the 1st.

Please read the brief article about potential summer skills work in reading and writing at TCS.  There is an interest form at the end of this newsletter for you to complete and return.

We are piloting a new web-monitoring program, Securly, on a few of our Chromebook devices.  I sent you an email concerning earlier in the month.  Based on how the pilot works, we may institute it on all student devices.

We held our first safety drill of the year on January 26th.  As I mentioned in a previous email. all went well.  I regret that the times in which we live requires us to do such drills, but we cannot wish away reality!  Please know that the safety of your daughters and sons is a top priority to us at TCS.

Check out the article later in this newsletter about our school implementing some mindfulness training, along with study skills and health topics.  I am hopeful that this will be a positive addition to our program and help our students be more focused.

I would like to update/revise our marketing materials and was wondering if any of our parents or friends have graphic design experience and could help me with the layout and design of a new brochure.  Please contact me if you are interested in sharing your talents and skills.





Important dates to mark on your family calendar:

February 1:  Trip to Media Theater, 9:30-1:00

                      2nd Semester begins, new electives begin

February 6:  Report Cards mailed

February 15:  Open House, 9:15

February 20:  School Closed for Presidents’ Day

March 3:  Schoolwide History Day

March 15:  Open House, 9:15

March 17:  School Closed for Teacher In-service

March 21:  Visit and presentation by Victoria Wyeth

March 22:  Board of Directors Meeting, 6:30

March 31:  End of 3rd Marking Period

Summer School, Anyone?


Even though it is just January, it is never too early to begin planning for the summer.  We would like to offer extra support to our students this summer to help keep their skills sharp.  We propose the following:


3 hours per day, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
June 27 – July 27 (nothing the week of July 3-7)
Tutoring would be in reading and writing
Cost is $60 per hour or $150 per day


Please complete and return the interest sheet, found at the end of this newsletter, by February 10.  We will determine if there is enough interest to offer a program at that time.


Inclement Weather Delays or Closings


If The Concept School needs to close due to bad weather, we will send an email via Constant Contact, post a banner on the top of the webpage, and post it on NBC10’s website.  Make sure you have shared any email address changes.  You can also sign-up to get a text alert from NBC10 when we post a closure.


Ms. Saunders’ English Class


When students in Ms. Saunders's English classes finished reading Schooled by Gordon Kormon they didn't take a test! Instead students showed their understanding by choosing a project to show their comprehension. Projects included creating a movie poster, building diaromas and blueprints of a setting, illustrated major plot points, wrote letters to the author, created an alternative ending, some even created a "Fakebook" page for characters in the book. Students really showed their creativity side with their projects! The next novel they will be reading for the 3rd Marking Period will be Tangerine by Edward Bloor. 




Art News

The Studio Arts classes just completed a unit studying the art of Pablo Picasso. After learning about his life and why he was so influential (the father of modern art and co-founder of the Cubist movement with Georges Braque), the students established an appreciation and initial understanding of the complex concept of abstraction in art.


The young artists utilized the “grid method”; learning how to enlarge a piece of art by hand. Each student was responsible for one section of one of Picasso’s greatest works. Working in groups and individually, the students relied on each other to establish correct enlargement, proportion, stylization, color story and technique for their piece of the mural.


Using colored pencil, the 8th period class studied and reproduced Picasso’s “Three Musicians” (x2, see below).  The 6th period class studied and painted Picasso’s masterpiece “Guernica”, acrylic (x4).  Both murals will be on display in our school shortly.

A Note from Mr. Loux


All of my students will be hard at work in order to complete their National History Day project.  Every class day in the month of February will be devoted to reading, researching, annotating, analyzing, writing and creating magnificent historical exhibits and websites.  Our National History Day competition at TCS will take place on Friday, March 3rd.  Every student will participate and display historical projects that relate to the theme of "Taking a Stand in History".  The top three projects will move on to the regional competition at the Chester County Historical Society.  All topics have been chosen by the students, and I am excited for them to show off their knowledge!

-Historically Yours,

 Mr. Loux




Mr. Hopkins’ students built bridges out of popsicle sticks to see if they could hold four bricks.  Both of the structures succeeded in meeting the challenge!



Attention Artists

This year’s Spring Arts Festival is April 27.


In addition to displaying the students’ art work from the school year, we are also looking for any relatives of TCS students who would like to display a few pieces of their art work in our show.


Please contact Mrs. Comly at for more information.


The cast and crew of TCS’s Shakespeare performance on December 16, 2016.



Mindfulness Training to Begin in February


TCS students will receive training in being mindful, thanks to a partnership with the Chester County Intermediate Unit.  Mary Dugan, an occupational therapist with CCIU, is also a certified Mindful School trainer.  She will come in on nine Monday mornings, beginning in February, and offer instruction to small groups of students on using these techniques to:

Increase focus and concentration
Increase sense of calm
Decrease stress and anxiety
Enhance health
Improve impulsive control
Increase self-awareness
Develop skillful responses to difficult emotions
Increase empathy and understanding of others
Develop natural conflict resolution skills


The students will be divided into three groups and while one group is working with Ms. Dugan, one group of students will receive information on Study Skills and Habits, and the third group will be covering Health topics.  The groups will rotate every 20—25 minutes.  If this training has positive benefits to students, it may be offered next year for 18 weeks.





TCS students have recently enjoyed a game called “Noodle Hockey” during physical education class on Friday afternoons.  It is great to see everyone participating!


Great Schools


Are you happy with The Concept School and the job we are doing educating your son or daughter?  I certainly hope so, and I invite you to go to the website link below and rate TCS based on your experience as a parent.  Thank you, in advance, for your positive feedback.



Help Support the Concept School!!  (At no cost to YOU!!!)

Our PTO continues to support our school by managing many areas that, with your support, provide monetary benefits to The Concept School.  Please sign up for these opportunities!!!


Please continue to clip Box Tops!  Thank you to Ms. Spencer for heading up this project!   You can find Box Tops on many of the products you will be using for dinners and parties. For a list of participating products, go to Thanks for your support.


Giant:  Go to Giant’s website and register your savings card to recognize The Concept School.  You still earn all discounts and points, and TCS gets some cash!


Amazon's program: This program allows you to shop on Amazon and when you do, a portion of your purchase comes back to The Concept School.  All you do is log on to and fill in “The Concept School” as your organization of choice.  A link to explain this program is attached.






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TCS Summer Program Interest Survey


Name of Student:  __________________________________


Our family would be interested in taking part in summer work sessions at TCS.  We understand this survey will help in planning the program and we hear in the near future about the specific details.


____________________________________           _________________

Parent Signature                                                          Date


Please Return to the Office by February 10, 2017

TCS looks at each student as an individual and develops an educational plan accordingly. In our case, the staff has exceeded our expectations in helping our son with his specific educational needs.
- B. Boyd