Why TCS?

The Concept School is an independent school with educational programs for students in grades 7 - 12. We excel in creating a challenging and supportive environment for students who have difficulty focusing in class, struggle with reading comprehension, find social interaction difficult, or for those who seek a small school environment.

At The Concept School, we educate students who learn differently. Our small class sizes allow us to provide individualized attention and hands-on teaching. A structured, customized curriculum, a multisensory approach to learning, and our nurturing, positive environment enable students to flourish and develop as life-long learners and confident self-advocates.

TCS graduates are well prepared to meet the demands of post-secondary life, whether entering college, career training programs, or the workforce.

The best way to get to know us is to experience our wonderful school environment.  Consider contacting us to schedule a tour or request more information.



Students engaged in this water tower activity were given 4 salt water solutions of different concentrations/densities and colors. They had to put samples of the solutions into the graduated cylinder in such an order that they would float on top of each other, keeping their colors distinct. The process involved trial-and-error, and making observations and learning from them.  Upon successful completion, students had created a "rainbow" arrangement of the colors.

TCS looks at each student as an individual and develops an educational plan accordingly. In our case, the staff has exceeded our expectations in helping our son with his specific educational needs.
- B. Boyd