Head of School

The Concept School's motto, "Where Unique Minds Learn in Unique Ways," really describes what happens inside of our small, nurturing community.  We value individual differences and allow students to build self-confidence while they work to earn their Pennsylvania Department of Education approved diploma.  Students at TCS are prepared for life after high school - whether that be as part of the workforce or further education.  Our students have gone on to attend technical schools, two-year schools, and four year colleges.  With the addition of a transitions coordinator during the 2017-2018 school year, we are formalizing our work with families and students in preparation for the next steps.

TCS is involved in a professionally facilitated Strategic Plan this year and I am excited about the path this plan will lead us on.  I am confident that the next 45 years will be just as enriching as the first 45 years!  Please reach out to arrange to meet with me and tour our unique school or attend one of our monthly Open Houses.


William M. Bennett                                                                                                       

TCS looks at each student as an individual and develops an educational plan accordingly. In our case, the staff has exceeded our expectations in helping our son with his specific educational needs.
- B. Boyd