TCS student to study electrical engineering

TCS student to study electrical engineering

Felicia M. Pope, TCS Class of 2012

TCS is the perfect school for a pre-college education: it is a small but strong community, offering fun yet challenging courses and an excellent teaching staff that kept me on my toes.

Before TCS, I was bullied, ridiculed, and told I was too socially awkward to succeed in life.  During my first week at TCS, when I was visiting to see how I liked the school, I knew it was the school for me.  The other students were kind and there was zero bullying.  Everyone was different, but instead of cringing at this, they all seemed to revel in their unified quirkiness.  Instead of lunch being spent gossiping or talking badly about a teacher, lunch was filled with deep conversations. 

I said yes to TCS after my first day, and boy, did that decision change my life greatly!  At TCS, I felt like I belonged, which was a feeling I had never felt before.  Not only was I academically engaged and challenged, but I grew into a more sociable and caring person.  I made many friends while attending TCS, and I still talk to all of them frequently.  Furthermore, every teacher at TCS wants to teach and truly cares for you as both a student and a person.  TCS has a knack for hiring very capable, dedicated, extraordinary teachers!  Their combination of expertise, compassion, and enthusiasm is simply unparalleled.  I could go on and on, but I will close with what I am up to now.

After graduating from TCS, I encountered some unforeseen home-life challenges that unfortunately delayed the continuation of my education.  I have instead focused on relocating to a safe environment and getting established as an independent, including getting a job.  Now, I am happy to report that, after two years of chaos, I am finally starting the college application process, thanks in large part to my friends and former teachers at TCS, who have continued to be supportive of me.  Despite everything, I have never given up on going to college, and thanks to TCS’s small community, college-preparatory program, and continued involvement in my life, I will go to college, where I plan to study electrical engineering.  TCS changes lives, and helped me to discover that the tools I needed to succeed were inside me all along.  

The caring nature of the staff, the multi-sensory learning experiences, and the curriculum adapted to his learning style helped Brendan develop a love and talent for writing.
- Colleen Craighton, Parent of Brendan Craighton - Class of 2014