The Concept School is fully open with in-person learning.  Call to make an appointment for a tour and see if our unique school can help your son or daughter experience school success.

Also consider attending our next Open House scheduled for February 16, 2022 at 9:00 am.

The Concept School Difference

The Concept School is a co-educational independent school for students grades 6 -12. At TCS we educate students who learn differently and benefit from a smaller, relaxed, more personalized environment where learning and anxiety challenges are seen as opportunities to explore alternative routes to success.

Located on a ten-acre campus with an adjoining nature area and outdoor classroom, TCS provides a hands-on and individualized educational program that prepares TCS graduates to meet the demands of post-secondary life, whether entering college, career training programs, or the workforce.



Nick Moscufo

According to Nick’s parents, “The Concept School has changed Nick’s entire outlook on life. He is thriving because he is in an environment where he can succeed. We are so grateful to this school for showing Nick he is valued and for providing him with the skills and confidence he needs to flourish. It’s very simple. The Concept School changed our son’s life for the better, and made a life-long difference for our whole family.” On a side note, Nick was just accepted to George Mason University as an incoming freshman for the 2022-2023 academic year.  Way to go Nick; we are so proud of you!

Eitan Katz

I want all the TCS staff to know that I could not have made it here [University of Utah] without you all.  In grades 9 and 10, and the first quarter of grade 11, I never imagined even going to college or even finishing HS because I was so focused on things not worth my time and that were dragging me down.  The last two years at TCS changed me into the person I am today.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Alex Miller

“When I first started school in 2008, I enjoyed it, as there were a lot of fun activities. My issue was that I didn’t realize that the fun “had” to end, and I had to start focusing on the work at hand. My elementary school was never able to help me, and my middle school made things worse. When I moved to Pennsylvania in 2016 I checked out TCS. I chose TCS because of its small environment and 1 on 1 support. I found it extremely unique in the way they organized things and how they were able to adapt their teaching methods to accommodate me and others. TCS really did help me to succeed, as before TCS, I hated school with a passion. I made a lot of friends and memories, plus I realized that school wasn’t really hard if you had friends and supporters around you. I want to personally thank the amazing staff team at TCS for pushing me to succeed when I would get down on myself, and also my friends, who would be there to help out if I didn’t know what I was doing.”


TCS Parent Testimonials

TCS is truly the best thing that has ever happened for him, and for us.  The amount of thanks that we could ever say in words would not even be close to how we feel.  Our son is OUR SON again…so happy at nights now and it’s because of TCS.  We truly appreciate...

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West Chester Underground Railroad Walking Tour

On Tuesday, October 19th, TCS students and staff went on a walking tour of The Underground Railroad in West Chester, sponsored by the Chester County Historical Society. We learned about the network of people that were involved in the passage of slaves (men, women, and...

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Milky Way Farm Field Trip

TCS had a field trip to Milky Way Farm on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The trip had been postponed due to heavy rain the week prior. This day, however, was picture perfect. The purpose of the trip was to show students various employment possibilities that they might...

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