Getting Started

The first step toward admission to The Concept School is a meeting with the Head of School to talk about your son or daughter. A phone call is also acceptable. Many families send the latest IEP and Evaluation Report for the Head of School to review.

Information gathered will help determine the next steps, which may include completing the Application for Admission and a three to five day visit to TCS for the student. A final decision on admission will be made at this point in the process.


Step 1

Complete the Inquiry Form or call 610-399-1135


Step 2

Schedule a personal tour of TCS.


Step 3

Send copies (scanned via email is acceptable) of the student’s latest IEP and Evaluation Reports (if not already done) for the Head of School to review and see if TCS can meet your child’s needs. A personal tour can also be scheduled at this time.


Step 4

An Application for Admission will be available for completion either by email, in our information packet given out during our tour, or completed here.


Step 5

Mail or email the completed Application for Admission, copies of the most recent report card, and a check for $50.00 to

The Concept School
P.O. Box 54
Westtown, PA 19395


Step 6

Upon a review of all the materials, a multiple-day visit to the school will be set up (during the school year).


Step 7

A final determination is made as to whether The Concept School is an appropriate placement for the student.