The Concept School’s curriculum is driven by every student’s unique academic and social potential. Teachers understand that every student responds differently to instruction; therefore, the learning experience is aligned to student need and learning style. The curriculum is customized throughout the school year according to student progress. TCS teachers strive to create a culturally responsive classroom climate in order to promote strong academics, social skills, and character.

Communication and continuity between home and school is key to a student’s success at TCS. Open, honest relationships between all members of the student’s community promote the essential communication for progress. Because we offer several modes of communication, a student’s academic and social progress does not become a surprise before quarterly grade reporting.

TCS teachers collaborate on a consistent basis to share instructional strategies in order to educate all students. Professional development is an ongoing requirement in order for teachers to stay current on research-based and evidence-based practices. Monitoring student progress is accomplished weekly during teacher meetings.

TCS looks at each student as an individual and develops an educational plan accordingly. In our case, the staff has exceeded our expectations in helping our son with specific educational needs.