The day started as a rainy Thursday on June 13, 2019, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits! Everyone gathered to celebrate our three graduates: Vivian, Connor, and Ben. The morning began with a light breakfast in our All Purpose Room. Soon afterwards, the procession began, first with the teachers, then the graduates walking proudly in single file. Mr. Bennett, our principal, and Mr. Spackman, our school board president, both gave congratulatory remarks to the three graduates. Each student spoke to the audience about his or her accomplishments, and thanked people who helped them along the way. Ben surprised everyone by first giving his speech in Latin, then English! When the speeches were finished, the sun shone bright for our students! Then, finally, it was time for our students to receive their diplomas and move their tassels! We wish all three the best of luck and hope they keep in touch!