On Friday, January 4th, TCS took a trip to the Brandywine River Art Museum and Nature Center. Our adventure began on the bus ride with students competing to see who could find the divide between the Brandywine Creek and Chester Creek watersheds! Each group had a guide to explain the different exhibits. The Brandywine Museum is known for its Wyeth family art (N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, and Jamie Wyeth), along with many other regional artists. There was a temporary exhibit of Homer Winslow which was incredible. We were able to see the Holiday decorations throughout the museum, as well as, critter art created with pine cones and other natural materials from the Nature Center. The museum has an awesome model train railroad room which was fascinating. Finally, students were able to go on a Valley Walk and learn a bit about the history, rail ruins, river systems, and wetlands!