On Thursday, August 29, 2019, we had a great turnout for our annual Family Picnic/Orientation! It was a beautiful day! Chicken and hot dogs were on the menu, along with salads and desserts.

Mr. William Bennett welcomed everyone to another wonderful school year, and reviewed some of the highlights for the year and rules from the handbook. Mr. Randell Spackman, our school board director and former TCS student, spoke to everyone about the great qualities of the school and wished everyone a great year. Mrs. Georgie Krajicek, PTO president, expressed some of the ideas she had for families to get together during the year, including the very popular Movie Night. She invited others to share their ideas with her.

Students, who had not seen each other all summer played basketball with Mr. Loux and Ms. Kohlbrenner, while others sat and enjoyed good conversation. Once again, it was a wonderful way to ease into the school year!