Meghan Wright’s teaching career began right here at TCS! After finishing her student teaching at the middle school she attended in Chester County, Mrs. Wright was hired by a former head of school after an unexpected interview. The head of school at the time was wholly impressed with her zealousness, passion, and creativity presented during that interview that she was hired on the spot. Mrs. Wright graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.S.ED in English and has since returned to study Literacy for her masters degree. She is also Wilson Just Words certified and uses her knowledge of the program within her daily teaching. She resides in Chester County with her husband and is a dedicated mother to her three young children. Growing up Mrs. Wright, participated in competitive swimming which she credits her work ethic and determination. She started her first job as a freshman in high school and stayed at the same job until graduating from college. There she quickly became management and looks back fondly at the life lessons and skills she acquired over the years. Mrs. Wright’s love of language arts began when studying the Italian language while in middle school and high school. During her first summer being a teacher, she had the opportunity to travel to Italy with a choir group touring the country and helped with translating. Mrs. Wright is a proud member of the National Honor Society and is a mentor for students at TCS who wish to apply for membership. Not only does Mrs. Wright teach ELA and theater classes; she also co-directs the school’s annual Shakespeare Festival. Mrs. Wright brings creativity, thoughtfulness, care, and energy to the classroom.