Students presented at our National History Day (NHD) on March 1, 2024. This is part of a nationwide program. This year’s theme was, “Turning Point in History.” They presented their topic to other students, faculty, parents, and invited guests. 

NHD is a competition in which students in grades 6–12 choose a topic and conduct extensive research on their chosen topic. The students have a choice of presenting the research by completing a paper, an exhibit, doing a performance, a documentary, or by creating a website. They present at TCS, and the top projects move on to the next level: regionals at Chester County Historical Society. From there the best move through a series of contest levels where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators. 

NHD helps students develop skills in research, communication, project management, and historical thinking. 

This year, Sam, Liam, DJ, LeSabian, and Ryan went on to Regionals. Sam and LeSabian won first place in each of their categories, and now go onto State Competition!