Officer Andrew Clauhs, a TCS graduate, talked with our students at an assembly on Monday, December 3, 2019. Officer Clauhs explained to the students that he had been at many schools before finding TCS. When he graduated he did not know what he wanted to do until he found a mentor to help him. After 911, he became a volunteer firefighter, and then went to the Police Academy to become a police officer, but because he did not have a military background, he was passed over many times. Thus, he decided to join the National Guard where was assigned to Kuwait. When he returned he learned about Civil Service courses, took the necessary tests, and became an office with the Upper Moreland Police Department, where he is now.

Officer Claus said he wanted to talk with the students because he did not follow the traditional path for school and for a career afterwards, and some students might need to know that it’s OK. He talked with the students about strategies in life, such as don’t look at events in life emotionally, rather look at them factually. Emotions cloud the issue. He talked about how important the ability to “talk with people” is, and to “bring down emotions” in other people–to see the issue for what it is, and to ask people for help, when needed.

He talked with the students about empathy and sympathy–understand that if someone has a bad day, don’t that that influence YOU! Try to understand that some people have many more problems than you, and you never know what is going on in their lives. He talked about the importance of simple human kindness, and the importance of staying calm in situations. Sometimes you have to just let people talk, and just be there for them. He explained to everyone that it is better to the kind of person that is nice and kind than to be the best person in your job. 

He talked about snippets of his day being a SWAT team member, and that what you see on TV is different than real life. He answered many questions from students. Our students seemed very interested in what he was saying. Being a former student, he understands the needs of our students, and this assembly will help our students in the future.