TCS Theater Class performed “A Scandal in Bohemia,” on Thursday, May 11, 2023. This production was based on Arthur Conan Doyle first short story featuring Sherlock Holmes and was adapted by our own Mrs. Culler. The All Purpose Room was packed with audience members who cheered this great performance! Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Griffith and the entire cast and crew did an amazing job!
In this performance, Dr. Watson tells the story of a past case where Sherlock finds himself affected by a woman–the woman. The woman was not a love interest, but was unlike any other woman he ever encountered. Dr. Watson reveals that he hadn’t seen his dear friend in some time due to being newlywed and busy with his medical patients. He decides to visit Sherlock one evening when he was passing by 221B Baker Street and noticed him pacing through the window. As it were, Sherlock had received an anonymous and undated letter. It said that he should expect a visitor that evening. Sherlock and Watson work side-by-side to solve a case of a scandalous photograph in the possession of a mysterious woman.
Special thanks to Ms. Tilmon and Mr. Schullery, and Mr. Fredericks for their stage crew support.
We also thank our TCS families for always being our audience, and always helping to allocate props and costuming.
Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Wright would like to thank the theater students for their interest in acting and willingness to always, “give it a go!” We see you. We value you. We are incredibly proud of you!