On Thursday, April 13, 2023, TCS ventured to Rose Valley, PA, to the Hedgerow Theatre to see a production of Shakespeare’s ‘MacBeth’. Thank you to Mrs. Griffith who organized the trip through connections of a friend from high school and her theater teacher! Hedgerow is an enchanting place, both inside and out! As we got off the bus students and teachers gaped at the beauty surrounding them. From a brook with a waterfall feature to a grassy shaded area, TCS enjoyed their surroundings and a snack before heading into the theater. A few students even exclaimed, “There are two magical staircases heading uphill into the woods. This is definitely a place Shakespeare would write about!” Once inside, students and staff settled into their seats and took in the architecture of the theater and the stage. They were greeted by the director of the production, Sarah, and were even shown a few instruments that would be part of the production. As the instruments were demonstrated, the audience was asked for feedback on pitch and volume to ensure a comfortable level. How incredibly thoughtful! The production itself was mesmerizing and enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Teachers, and especially Mr. Bennett, commented about the level of student engagement and respect! After the performance concluded, the actors and actresses from the production sat on stage and invited us to be a part of a ‘Q&A’. Students asked thoughtful questions and had wonderful commentary and feedback to share. Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Wright from TCS’ Theatre Department already have plans in the works for students to attend their Poe production in the Fall. TCS would like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to Hedgerow Theatre for making this such an amazing experience!