For their summer reading, students had the privilege of reading one of their beloved teacher’s books. Mrs. Mary Culler, our resident author, is writing a book series titled The Mer which our former art teacher, Miss Abel, helped illustrate. Students engaged with the book in the spring, read six chapters over the summer, and completed reading activities. When they returned in September, we feted Mrs. Culler as well as the students, by having them take the stage and the microphone and interview Mrs. Culler. Each student’s voice was heard. After the interviews, students took a blueberry muffin break (the protagonist’s favorite snack) and resumed the morning by, again taking the stage, presenting their creative projects. Some projects included poetry, paintings, skits, and song playlists! Summer Reading was a huge success! 

If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Mer, visit Amazon where Mrs. Culler’s book is in the top ten for young adult books!