Our trip to Randell Spackman’s farm was enjoyed by all.  The students toured the farm; learned about the history of the land (site of the Battle of the Brandywine – the house and barn were damaged by cannon balls!); and saw the numerous rescued farm animals.  They also learned about the multiple antique pump organs that Mr. Spackman is restoring. One of the organs they are restoring is a 1926 Mudler Hunter pipe organ. The organ contains 2300 pipes with a Haskell Swell Division and a Mollier Choir Division. Thanks to Mr. Coyle for coordinating this fun adventure, as well as, having his music students entertain us with Bluegrass Music. Meanwhile, Photography class students took pictures of the farm for a class project. We had lunch at the farm and were able to have free time playing games or just relaxing listening to music! Needless to say, a great time was had by all!